Frosted Contact Paper on your Windows

#Aviary another view. And yes that is contact paper on the #panes. Try it sometimes, it is #amazeballs cheap and easy Privacy film.

I think my love of contact paper in all its forms is well documented. The stuff sure has come a looong way, baby! There are pretty prints in yummy colors, nice little textures in clear and frosty ones (got a mini project on that later).  Go see one of my favorite projects here.

Well anyway, yes that is contact paper on my window panes. For the first couple of years in my home I was baffled as to what to do with this big gorgeous picture window in my living room. I loved it for the light it gave the room, but I didn’t love the view (my neighbor’s junky house) and I didn’t like that people could see us at night with nothing on it. Curtains of any sort just didn’t seem to look right there either. Plus I wanted to still be able to put stuff on the ledge.

Enter the amazing diamond textured frosted contact paper. I cut this contact paper to the dimensions of each pane of the picture window, and BAM! problem solved!

Try it sometimes, it is amazing… cheap and easy Privacy film.

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