yetundefall15-121Yetunde Rodriguez creates surface designs for fabric, paper and other surfaces.

All of Yetunde’s designs start of as a hand-drawn sketch, a photo, or a drawing. They are then digitized and made into repeat motifs.

Yetunde’s designs are improvisational, bold and colorful!

Traditional Block Printingprintmaking block

Some of Yetunde’s designs are printed using traditional block printing. She carves her design into a wood, linoleum block or soft rubber. The relief design is then inked and pressed onto fabric or paper. This method is slow, deliberate and meditative, but yields stunning results that can never be duplicated. Each print is unique.



Like traditional  block printing, the design is inked and stamped. The method of creating the stamp is additive (building up the image), rather than subtractive, (carving out the image). With stamping, Yetunde cuts up craft foam, which she then adheres to a wood or acrylic backing to create the stamps. This method also yields a stunning and unique print. It is the most immediate and gratifying method of all!

Screen Printingyetundefall15-37

This method is much more, methodical and technical, and requires more planning. Using a photosensitive chemical, a stencil is created on a polyester mesh screen.  Ink is then forced through the screen to create an image onto fabric or paper. This method is most suited for production and yardage printing.

Drawing & PaintingIMG_3090

This is a method that needs no explanation.