being “insert-name-here”

PICT0400In my attempt to fill up my shop, it seems I’ve got a bit of a sweatshop situation going on.  I’m crocheting with every spare moment not devoted to family and household or my part time gig. I even have a portable sweatshop that I carry with me in the event that I have some time while, oh, standing in line…visiting a friend…waiting at the doctor’s office for the kids’ checkups, you get the idea.

Now, before anyone gets bent out of shape about my ‘sweatshop’, let me clarify that mine doesn’t involve child labor. Well, unless you count my daughter. No, really I’m just kidding. No really, the girl likes to work, but more on that later. Nope, just me crocheting away for hours on end in my very hot house.

Anywhoo, like I said, I’m trying to fill my shop up, and by fill, I mean REALLY fill, as in more than the 5 earrings it has right now.  Well, with all this sitting down to crochet, I had to have some sort of background entertainment, right? Since I’ve run out of episodes of “This American Life” to listen to. Current affairs (as in news radio) has made me too serious of late. I don’t really feel like an audiobook right now. Tired of my Pandora stations, and the radio is a no (Is that what passes for music these days???) I decided to lively up myself with some TV. I’ve run out of episodes of Grey’s, Modern Family, and the very short-lived “10 things I hate about you (Yeah, I said it, what!) So I’ve turned my attention to Hulu and Netflix to find new and undiscovered shows to entertain me while working.

Enter “Being Erica”.  I just recently discovered this show, and I gotta tell ya, I’m loving this Canadian gem. I’m about 5 episodes into season 1, and I’m hooked.  The premise of the show is this: Erica, a 32year-old woman has allowed the regret over a lifetime of bad decisions cloud her life and prevent her from living her best life. Notice that it’s not so much the actual DECISIONS, but the REGRET over them that hang over her. Of course because it’s TV, she gets a chance at some do-overs. The existential question at the heart of the show is this: would your life really be different if you had a chance to do it over? If you could go back in time and fix your perceived mistakes, would you get the same results, or would your life be better? 


I understand that this smacks of “Back to the Future,” “Quantum Leap”, the “The Voyagers” and other time travel shows that came before, but I really like  this shows take on the story.

This show resonates with me because to some degree, I’m a bit like Erica.  Of course my life is not overshadowed by regret to the degree of Erica’s, but I do have quite a few coulda-shoulda-wouldas lurking in my past. And really, who doesn’t? I guess watching this fictional character work through her past and see the results of her do-over is therapeutic.  I get to live vicariously through her. Through it all, the message is this: for better or for worse, you are the sum of your choices. The sum total of our experiences shape who we are. I can live with that.

Wanna check it out? “Being Erica” is currently streaming on Hulu. Be sure to let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “being “insert-name-here”

  1. Libby says:

    Yes!!! Looks like my comments might just come through. 🙂

    Let’s just say that I love what I see so far. And I too need to seriously add things to my shop. I’m tired of relisting the same old things (new to most, old to me). I need fresh products. When I get started it’ll be some sort of sweatshop action over here too. Stay tuned…

  2. Alida says:

    I am always looking for something new to watch… Hulu doesn’t work for us here so I will have to find another source. Thanks for the info!

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