DIY portable Printing/Pressing Surface

Here’s a quick little project I found myself making just the other night. I’ve been busy block printing and sewing lately. (BTW, look for new items in the shop soon, yay).

I got tired of running upstairs everytime I needed to press a seam. Pressing (or ironing) is that extra something that takes your sewing project from just ‘good’ to great. As a bonus, I knew that having a nice large surface would also come in really handy for hand-printing my fabrics.

I set out to make a pressing surface. I remembered the two keyboard drawers I had purchased for $2 each at Ikea about a year ago. Gotta love the As-Is room!  I think those went with the Billy system, I’m not sure. I had originally purchased them to use as craft show displays, but that never really panned out and I have been storing them ever since. I even came close to throwing them away a couple of times, but thank goodness I didn’t!

So here are drawers with the drawer slides still attached to their undersides.


1. The first thing I did (after taking off the drawer slides) was to join the two drawers together with large metal braces. I decided (for the sake of aesthetics) to mount the braces on what would be the underside of the ironing board. Like so:


2. Once the two pieces became one, it was time to pad the surface. I stapled batting onto the surface first, like so:


3. Then covered with a piece of fabric.


and Presto! I now have an ironing surface that I can lay onto the table when needed, and move out of the way when finished. No more running upstairs! The whole surface is just under 2’ x 4’ which is really substantial for my needs, yay! The only thing I think it may need is a handle on one side for an easier grip. Since I made this a few days ago, I’ve already gotten a lot of use out of it. It is both a printing (block printing fabrics) and an ironing surface.

I realize that not everyone will just happen to have keyboard drawers lying around. I think it would still be pretty easy to DIY with some 1×2 boards and some plywood, no?

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  1. I’m beginning to believe that you have almost everything you need stored somewhere on your property! lol This is such a great, inexpensive project that serves a great purpose. That is some cool fabric too. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  2. This is a wonderful idea! I don’t like lugging the big board out to the kitchen when I want to sew and my hubs is killing aliens on the computer in our shared space 🙂 This is the answer – now I have to get the hubs off the vid game to help me. haha. Thanks so much!
    Please share your great ideas every Tues – Saturday on our link party
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  3. Thank you so much for visiting! I’m always so happy when someone finds my insane ramblings helpful.I totally relate, I have to peel my hubs away from his zombie killing and ninja fighting to get anything done around here 🙂 I will definitely be stopping by BeBetsy!

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