Textile Printing with Latex house paint


yup. latex house paint.

Say what now?

Yes, you heard right. I use latex house paint in my screenprinting and block printing adventures.


these were printed with my modified latex house paint.

Why, you ask? Why not?

But…but…fabric paint is a thing already…why not use that?

For starters, Yes, fabric paint/ink is available, and I have a nice collection of those too.

More often than not, though, I want a color that is not available the selection of fabric paint/ink.

So I should mix my own, right? After all, I see color very, very well (I have been tested).

I detest mixing my own colors. I find mixing my own colors tedious. I would rather just choose a color that appeals to me.

Latex paint is widely available in a wide variety of delicious colors. Being a color lover, this was the number one draw for me.  I love being able to go into the paint store and pick out a swatch and have that exact color mixed for me, every single time.

I hate being restricted to the craft store/art store color palette. Yes, I know I can go online, and I do (duh). The selection is not much better there.

Plus I’m impatient. When I want it, I want it.

Aaaand, there’s nothing like being able to see the color selection in person before making a selection.

Latex paint is very inexpensive, especially with my techniques…(hello, samples!)

flat lay of printed fabrics and latex house paint.

yes, print with latex house paint

Lastly, I’m kind of a rebel. I love pushing limits. I love doing what others are not. I start out doing things the way they are ‘supposed’ to be done, then quickly look for a different way to do it.

I understand that ‘professional’ screenprinters would be horrified at the thought of screen-printing with house paint. I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to you if you are ready to try something new, break the rules, and open up a whole new realm of possibilities!

So how, exactly do you print textiles with latex house paint? Well, besides just using it right out of the can.

I have a few techniques that I will cover in my next few posts to find out.

I will be covering the following topics and more:

How to thicken latex paint for screenprinting: Latex paint in its pure form is not thick enough to pull across a screen for printing.

How to prevent the dreaded stiff feel of latex paint on fabric: my latex paint printed fabrics have a soft hand.

How to make the fabric wash-fast: Yes, the paint will not wash out.

I will also cover what has worked, and what has not for me.

So, if you are ready to be experimental, join me!

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How to: Textile Printing with Latex house paint

How to: Textile Printing with Latex house paint